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Get parking lot striping services in East Lansing, MI

Turn to Sealcoat Specialist LLC for parking lot striping services in East Lansing, MI and surrounding areas. We can paint your new parking lot or re-stripe your old lot to make faded stripes clearly visible again. You can trust our team to properly designate handicap parking spaces and crosswalks.

We have over a decade of experience striping parking lots of all shapes and sizes. Call 517-455-3015 right away to get your free estimate and schedule asphalt or concrete parking lot striping services.

Maximize your parking space

Sealcoat Specialist offers asphalt and concrete parking lot striping services in Lansing and all surrounding areas. Striping your parking lot can:

  • Improve the appearance of your lot
  • Ensure that your lot is clearly defined and safe to navigate
  • Ensure that you're in compliance with municipal codes
  • Help maximize the usable space of your parking lot

If it's time to paint your warehouse or showroom floor, we can do that, too. Contact us today to arrange for flooring or parking lot striping services.

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